The usual suspects: Latin American countries are the most likely to default

Wow I thought this happened far less than it does…

And then there is Anke Domaske, of Hanover, Germany, who founded Qmilk, which makes thread out of sour milk, using the milk protein casein.

“You dry it to a protein powder that looks sort of like flour,” she explained. “Then imagine a machine that looks like a big noodle machine. Add the flour, add some water again, then you have the dough,” which then gets forced through holes that are thinner than a strand of a hair.

Qmilk fibers are resistant to bacteria and fire, Ms. Domaske said, and because the process relies essentially on just milk and water, the result is compostable. She says the strands feel like silk.

And you can eat it.

“I’ve been eating it with strawberries,” she said.

Posted on July 31, 2014
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US House authorizes GOP-lead lawsuit against Obama

NBC News: The U.S. House voted on Wednesday to authorize a lawsuit against President Barack Obama for his use of executive actions.

The legislation, which no Democrats voted for, accuses President Obama of exceeding his constitutional authority by changing how the health care bill was implemented. The measure does not require Senate approval.

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Photo: In a strict party-line 225-201 vote, the U.S. house passed a resolution authorizing a lawsuit against President Barack Obama. (J. Scott Applewhite / AP File)

Someone definitely needs to put an end to this excess of executive orders:



Choose your parents wisely: There is a large class divide in how Americans raise their children. Rich parents can afford to ease up a bit; poor parents need help


“I moved here from Jamaica when I was six, and my accent was so bad that I had to spend two years in ESL classes before anyone could understand me. I remember feeling very frustrated. I was surrounded by people with really thick accents who were trying to tell me that I needed to get rid of my accent.”

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Never felt so white in my life than when I looked up the lyrics

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“Mr. Kahan’s study suggests that more people know what scientists think about high-profile scientific controversies than polls suggest; they just aren’t willing to endorse the consensus when it contradicts their political or religious views. This finding helps us understand why my colleagues and I have found that factual and scientific evidence is often ineffective at reducing misperceptions and can even backfire on issues like weapons of mass destruction, health care reform and vaccines. With science as with politics, identity often trumps the facts.”

When Beliefs and Facts Collide -

People don’t let their judgement get clouded by facts.

Posted on July 7, 2014